27th November 2017
Real Pet
17th October 2018


Infla-Active Capsules

Shakespeare my beloved pig just turned 5 years old on the 16th. He has been noticeably unwell since the end of last year and gradually a lump was beginning to form on his left jowl and has been growing steadily since. He has been monitored by his vet during the course of this year and the treatment has been by process of elimination and various hard core drugs with serious side effects. He responded to none of the medication and the lump became larger still.

Shakespeare had a biopsy in July and the morphological diagnosis revealed that he has local malignant lesions which do not show metastatic spreading but may reveal extensive local infiltration and excision is almost impossible. Simply put: as the tumour grows it will infiltrate the muscle and paralyse his neck.

He is now being treated with Ricky Litchfield Anti-Inflammatory capsules 2 x twice per day and the dog treats which he loves! Shakespeare is no longer depressed or showing signs of being unwell and the swelling around the tumour has actually decreased and he allows me to touch the area for the first time.

He will be on the anti-inflammatory for the rest of his life as there is no possibility of surgery. I am comforted by the fact that these capsules by reducing the swelling will extend his life and because they are natural there are no side effects.

Thank you again